Impassion Scented Candle

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Arouse passion with these smooth, sleek, white goblet candles. Fragrances warm and rich, fresh and vibrant. They’ll exhilarate the senses with exotic bouquets, each meticulously selected by Vance Kitira to become your favorites. Finishing touches include an embossed stamp, hand-embellished in gold. The candle is then wrapped and nestled into a handmade, natural Saa paper box – with a raised white-on-white textured leaf motif. These wax-in-wax candles will burn for 60 hours, while emitting the beautiful glow you’ve come to expect from Vance Kitira. This truly special collection is not only perfect for gifting, but will become signature fragrances you will avidly desire.

The Making of Saa Paper

Saa Paper is made in northern Thailand, using traditional techniques. The bark of the Mulberry Tree is harvested in a non-destructive operation. It is shredded into small strips and soaked overnight, loosening the fibers. Next, the fibers are boiled for 2-6 hours. When finished, the fibers are washed with fresh water to remove impurities and small particles or specks are removed by hand. The fibers are then beaten to a creamy pulp and coloring or accents are added if desired. The pulp is poured into a large tub, where the fibers are suspended in water. The artisan dips a framed screen into the water and with great skill, lifts it to the surface, catching the fibers onto the screen. The screens can either be left in the sun to dry, or be transferred to boards, pressed, smoothed and then dried. The result is a paper full of texture and design.

Gardenia – Blooms of garden flowers and tuberose, giving way to deeper tones of gardenia, for a notably feminine fragrance.

Jasmine – The intoxicating aroma of jasmine is blended with irresistibly tropical plumeria for an alluring fragrance that is forever sensual.

Burn time:  60 hours

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