Welcome to Two Bees Candle Company!

Candles bring warmth in the home and an inviting environment, they remind us of what is important in our lives and who we are.  Growing up, our parents started a tradition of lighting candles for dinner, every night was a special occasion.  It brought our families and friends together, it was a time to be ourselves, talk and create bonds.

Today, we continue that tradition raising our four children.  We feel that we bring our families alive celebrating each other’s lives.

Our story goes back to when we met in college, this was the beginning of an adventure and wonderful friendship.  When we met it was an instant connection that would one day bring us and our families together.  We quickly figured out we had many things in common, despite having been brought up in different continents.  Life happened and we each followed our own path, despite always feeling connected.  Throughout the years we met up or talked.  Eventually, we decided that we could not be apart, we got married and, in the summer of 2020, we followed through with our idea in finding a way to help families and friends discover the same passion we had discovered.  Two-bees-candle-company was born.  This year, 2020, has been a difficult time for many families, Covid has hit many homes and has isolated individuals.  We hope that our candles will bring your families and friends together to promote a guiding light, hope, courage, peace, grace, and love, even after the light dims.

To make this idea come to fruition we have been exploring good materials with great craftsmanship & clean aesthetics while keeping our love in place.  We both are on a pursuit to bring families and friends together one candle at time to celebrate life.

You can follow our journey on INSTAGRAM or get in touch with us at   +1.917. 293.3964/info@twobeescandle.com.

This Christmas may you enjoy the warmth of family this season and the harvest of the feast! Merry Christmas! From our Family to yours.