About Our Candles

We believe in promoting family through the sale of our products, while guiding our business by strong values and commitments and sustainable business practices.

We focus on the sale of high-quality products and developing partnerships with other businesses and individuals. We are a talented and motivated team and care about our clients and what our clients think about us. We fulfill our commitments to our clients, to our community and to ourselves. It is important for us to be known for our dedication and contributions as we aim to benefit our communities and nature, and in promoting a clean-burning and environmentally safe product.

Our product label, Vance Kitira, is known for candles made from fully refined paraffin, 100% cotton wicks with long burn times. The candles have been in the market since 1993 and are the core collection of the Timber collection with distress texture.

As always, our candles are hand-poured in Thailand and the candle trays are handcrafted artisan pieces.